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Press Release: Serent Capital Invests in Payliance

June 6, 2019

Serent Capital Invests in Payliance, a Leading Payment Processor for Lenders ...

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Why Small Businesses Should Accept ACH Payments

Merchants have a variety of considerations to make, including the different types of payment that the business ...

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Online Payment Gateway: How to Manage Electronic Payments

An online payment gateway is an easy-to-implement solution that businesses can use to accept payments using a ...

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Understanding How eChecks Work

The easiest way to think of an eCheck is that it’s just like a paper check – without the paper. An eCheck is a ...

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Move Payments Faster: Understanding ACH Payment Processing for Businesses

ACH payments are electronic transactions from one bank to another that are processed through the Automated Clearing ...

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ACH Payment Processing: Four Ways to Streamline Operations

Without an electronic payment model such as ACH payment processing, fund disbursal can be a lengthy and ...

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Three Ways Debit Card Processing Effectively Transfers Funds

There are many payment options available today, but for lenders, debit card processing can help improve internal ...

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ACH For Lenders: Understanding ACH Payments and Loans

Before the advent of electronic payments, funds were sent by check, money order, or other types of paper ...

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