Three Ways Debit Card Processing Effectively Transfers Funds

By Payliance | 03/05/19

There are many payment options available today, but for lenders, debit card processing can help improve internal cash flows, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately generate more business. Additionally, having a solution like debit card processing, with 24/7 access to debit networks from coast to coast, gives lenders added flexibility to disburse funds quickly and conveniently to their borrowers.

This flexibility, along with speed and security, are the main advantages lenders can leverage when utilizing debit card payment processing.


As technology becomes a larger player in payment processing, speed has become an expectation of lenders and borrowers. Debit card processing solutions with real time funding not only deliver funds with speed, but they also provide a distinct advantage to online lenders in today’s competitive market.

Real time funding makes it possible for lenders to provide funds to borrowers as expediently as possible without in-store cash requirements or the delays of waiting for ACH transactions to clear. With debit card processing, online lenders can instantly and conveniently push funds to borrowers with debit cards – roughly 71 percent of the country – without requiring account information.

Solutions that provide a single API integration that supports both funding and debit payment transactions allow lenders to use their own systems to process payments quickly and effectively.

Data & Security

Making sure that all the data processed throughout a loan – such as amounts, addresses, social security numbers – is being sent effectively, compliantly, and securely is a major concern for lenders. Storing and reading the data that your business has collected is vital.

PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is required to facilitate card payments, so any solution you use must be able to meet to those regulatory standards. Solutions with features such as payment tokenization protect lenders and borrowers from data breaches. Additional identity verification can be achieved with functions that confirm a debit card holder’s CVV and the address associated with the card over the debit network.

Analyzing data from debit card processing is the only way to know how or if lenders are being effective. A debit card processing solution that delivers data in an easy-to-understand way allowing lenders to view all debit card transactions in a single place. This provides lenders with increased visibility into activity, settlement, and reconciliation, enabling them to drive future business growth.


Adding debit card processing expands your options as a lender. Debit networks are open all day every day and create a one-stop-shop for borrowers. They can apply online, receive funds on their debit card, and pay them back via ACH. Additionally, least cost routing solutions ensure that the disbursal of funds is done to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. The best solution will provide flexibility by providing both speed and accuracy. Payliance’s real time funding and debit card processing product allows lenders to instantly push funds to a borrower's card, reducing wait times from online lenders and reducing in-store cash requirements for retail locations.

Payliance is a strategic fintech partner that affords lenders speed, accuracy, and flexibility with our fully PCI-compliant technology, supporting both real time funding and debit card processing in one solution. Our full suite of payment processing solutions are cost-effective and tailored to your specific lending needs including:

  • Installment
  • Short Term
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Cash Advance
  • Buy Here Pay Here
  • Line of Credit
  • Marketplace

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